Friday, July 16, 2010


As a student, I'm starting to think about shopping for the new semester. I'm talking clothes, bags, and shoes (the fall vegan line from Toms!). From searching the internet earlier today, I found a few promising items for myself.

Vaute Couture, always filled with cute things I want to overspend on with my credit card, has these cute tank tops for the fall. I hate preachy stuff with "Don't eat animals!" slogans, so these are perfectly cute and subtle:

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As far as bags go, it's no secret that I like having a nice supply of totes. Bungalow 360's bags are usually a little too pattern-y for me, but this one caught my attention. I've always gone for simple, but this one is good for both sides of me. Reversible, one side is adorable with the bike-riding animals, and the other is simple with pink corduroy. One, please!

Then, of course, there's the new line of vegan Toms shoes coming out this fall. I'll be walking on some cruelty-free sunshine when they come out. I can't wait to get my hands on a pair! (photo courtesy of VegNews)

When I cook, I never use an apron. Ever. I think they're slightly useless and uncomfortable. But, being the curious researcher I am, I searched for aprons online and found this beauty. If I ever buy an apron, it will be this one. It's too cute, and every chef has to have an apron, right?

The FAMOUS CHLOE Vintage Inspired Damask with HOT PINK Full Apron

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  1. So I read this a few days ago. Totally agreed with you about the apron thing... Useless, uncomfortable, no desire to ever get one even though i love to cook...
    But yesterday I went inside of this SUPER cute store called Francescas and they have the cutest little gifts and trinkets, as well as clothes and jewelry and all that.
    Anyways, in the corner something caught my eye. A super incredibly cute apron!!! I was looking at it, trying it on just to see, and i fell in love with it! I bought it, and I really think if i hadnt read your blog I wouldnt have. I even convinced some random stranger to buy one with me cause i was kinda nervous about spending $30 of my parents money on something I NEVER intended on buying, till about 5 minutes prior.
    but i finally convinced myself. Its SUPER adorable, and Im gonna start wearing it whenever I cook or bake... and I honestly think when i'm older with kids and a husband that i'll still be wearing it to cook. Its gonna become a family treasure that i'll pass down to my daughter and so on and so forth. hahaha :P